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Measuring circularity in supply chain and creating a blueprint for transformation.
February 6, 2021
| Scott Donachie

“Supply chain has gotten a lot of focus this year, magnifying what can go wrong and disruptions that can happen,” Deborah Dull, Founder, Circular Supply Chain Network says, “but with this, an opportunity is presented.” And says now that supply chain is in the spotlight, “We need to leverage this moment to highlight that the supply chain can also be used proactively to do good things in the world, not just retroactively.”

Deborah explains how circularity can be a strategy for supply chain to mitigate against that risk, “Supply chains can actually change their own operating model in a way that allows them to save money and be more proactive and be a better partner for their organization by adopting circular operating principles without interrupting whatever core business it is that they are supporting.”

“We are in a better position to influence for good -then we realize.”

Deborah Dull, Founder, Circular Supply Chain Network

Deborah says that as supply chains form strategies, the continuum delivering on traditional ways they add benefits to organizations, like lower costs, faster to market, is still the main value, however, points out that now is the time that supply chains must also realize,  “A sense of responsibility. If a material is out there, in the economy, the supply chain put it there. The decisions that supply chains make will change the way that the economy functions, so we are in this amazing, wonderful place with opportunities to be very good stewards of the economy.”

Now that supply chains are starting to set their own strategies for the first time, instead of taking the lead from their organizations they support, Deborah says, “In some cases, organizations form their own strategies and business models based on of a zero-waste mentality or the principles of circularity, more often than not they are not ready to do that and the overall economy is not ready to do that either.”

At CZW’s Supply Chain Solving Problem Virtual Workshop on February 11th, Deborah will introduce a framework to measuring circularity in supply chain and creating a blueprint for supply chain transformation and help attendees to form ideas for their own supply chain operations.

“It gives us a chance to switch the table, instead of scrambling, actually using our capabilities and global operations to reduce waste through the world and use the materials that are already out int the economy and use them again and again.”

Deborah Dull, Founder, Circular Supply Chain Network


Deborah Dull
Circular Supply Chain Network Founder

Deborah Dull is the Founder of the Circular Supply Chain Network where she creates the space for supply chain professionals to learn, connect, and take action. Deborah is also a Product Manager at GE Digital. She focuses on accelerating customers’ outcomes, continuous improvement and optimization of industrial production processes. Deborah explores the needs of industrial equipment and process operators around the world, providing thought leadership on the industrial internet as a strategy for reducing waste and improving time to value.

CZW Supply Chain Solving Problem Workshop:

Virtual Round Table on February 11th

Measuring circularity in your supply chain, creating a blueprint for supply chain transformation.


Scott Donachie
Scott Donachie