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Companies for Net Zero Network Membership

  • Demonstrate your dedication to achieving net-zero goals by becoming a part of our forward-thinking community of thought leaders.
  • Gain exclusive access to monthly in-person meetings
    held in major East Coast cities, including New York, Washington D.C.,
    Los Angeles and Boston.
  • Stay informed about industry-leading best practices
    and ensure compliance with regulations such as LL97, BERDO, BEPS, and
    local real estate laws.
  • Enhance your knowledge of tax codes and grasp the
    implications of the Inflation Reduction Act for real estate,
    infrastructure, and supply chain management.
  • Harness the power to secure capital and master the
    art of negotiating complex leases to construct a compelling net-zero
    business proposition.
  • Explore the world of scalable, proven net-zero technologies through recent case studies that highlight their effectiveness.

Corporate Membership

  • Monthly meetings in the heart of New York City.
  • Periodic gatherings in prominent cities like Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Boston, and other key locations.
  • Comprehensive subscription to the CNZ Newsletter for all your employees.
  • Amplification of net-zero success stories to our extensive network of 22,000 newsletter subscribers.
  • Personalized introductions, engaging roundtable working lunches, and collaborative dinner meetings.
  • Featured listing on the CNZ Directory, alongside other prominent global brands dedicated to achieving net-zero goals.

‘Thought Leader’ Seminars

Attend and participate in our monthly, highly curated virtual meetings from our roster of industry leading experts covering a wide range of ‘net zero’ topics, focussing on real world, practical experiences and lessons.



Enjoy participating in forum discussions after each seminar with industry peers. Benefit from curated peer-to-peer networking events held month to month to meet relevant colleagues of a similar seniority and experience. Engage with the wider CNZ community in our tailored social media eco-network (coming soon).


Brand Engagement

If you are seeking to enhance your corporate brand in partnering with our ‘Net Zero’ thought leadership, then we welcome exploring how we can partner with you. This might include sharing your latest ‘Net Zero’ successes with our senior corporate members and wider network of industry participants of over 22,000 subscribers.